Design Anthology: Andō’s Interiors Reveal a Slice of Hong Kong

In designing Andō, a new Japanese-Spanish restaurant by Hong Kong’s JIA Group, Brewin Design Office eschewed distinct gastronomic themes and instead distilled hybridity into a minimalist, textured space inspired by context – abstracting Hong Kong’s man-made city fabric and forms into a bold, brutalist interior.

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T New York Times Style Magazine: An Art Library Designed to Record Forgotten History

“To achieve the right design that would satisfy this nuanced balance (between conservation and innovation, the past and the present) was to frame it in a way that would pay homage to the space itself.”

Brewin Design Office’s Principal, Robert Cheng, sat down with The New York Times Style Magazine in the National Gallery Singapore’s new Rotunda Library & Archives just before the circuit breaker, to share his thought process behind the design of the museum’s library – home to one of the world’s most comprehensive collections of archival and reference resources on 19th and 20th century Southeast Asian art.

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