KaiKaiKiKi Gallery
KaiKaiKiKi Gallery
450 sqm / 2012
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Anchoring 14 international art galleries at Gillman Barracks, the Takashi Murakami KaiKaiKiKi gallery is a multi-use space for group and solo shows, and also showcases works by international artists represented by the KaiKaiKiKi group. The main reception lobby to the gallery separates the overall space into two rooms. Connecting passageways flanked by enclosed office rooms lead the visitor into the respective galleries.

A continuous bowed ceiling installation fabricated from thin metal planks runs above this corridor and arches over the entry lobby at the reception desk. The main viewing space includes a 5-metre wide existing sliding glass exterior wall which has been retained for the purpose of transporting art into the gallery. The last block has been transformed into a research library and public lounge.