Le Nouvel Ardmore Residence
Le Nouvel Ardmore Residence
3 Bedroom Apartment / 350 sqm / 2015 ​
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This vacation home situated in Jean Nouvel’s Le Nouvel Ardmore condominium was designed with the goal to ensconce the owner in relaxing and calming respite.

Harnessing the unobscured view of the skyscape, blue marble floors create a seamless transition between the interiors and the expansive sky to produce a sublime quality of airiness and ethereality in the main space. The resulting visual effect is an apparent extension of the sky into the interior space, and conversely, the interior space into the sky. Through this gesture, the perimeter of the apartment is decidedly blurred, allowing the homeowners the illusion of an unenclosed space. Furniture pieces in timber stand out from the calm palette and punctuate the space with an added dimension.