Solis Hotel Bali
Solis Hotel Bali
111 keys / 2014
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Situated in the heart of Bali’s cultural center, the Solís Ubud hotel has the luxury of the island’s iconic terraced paddy field landscapes for scenery. To bring a modern approach to traditional Balinese style hotel typologies, while assimilating the beauty of Bali’s natural surroundings, elements from the land’s fluid topography and idyllic setting are infused into the hotel design, architecture and layout.

The architectural design follows the natural contours of the Wos River and harnesses its inclinations to give each room a panoramic view of the expansive surrounds. Design elements from the landscape are combined with the rich textures of traditional Balinese furniture such as leather, wood and timber. To contemporise the aesthetics, we shed the bulkiness associated with Balinese furniture for more streamlined structures, and incorporated furnishes that reflect the styles of international designers whose aesthetics complement the traditional Balinese style.