The Barn House
The Barn House
Landed Residence / 850 sqm / 2016
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The Barn House is a project whose concept directly stems from the physical constraints of the site. Located on a square site with two varying ground levels on the horizontal axis, the design divides the house into two halves accordingly.

In the front half, the house appears to be smaller and lower in height, while in reality it is a much heavier volume that sinks into the ground in the back half. The expansive floor area and substantial volume of the house is further camouflaged visually by the segregation of the house into four undulating blocks capped by pitched roofs. Two courtyards anchor the site at opposite corners: the front courtyard, a monolithic spiral driveway, bridges the street level and the ground level of the house, while the courtyard at the back is a much more planar and protected space.