The Fat Cow Restaurant
The Fat Cow Restaurant
Restaurant and Bar / 230 sqm / 2012
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The Fat Cow is a modern Japanese Izakaya restaurant and bar located in the Camden Medical Centre in Singapore. The restaurant houses a U-shaped open communal dining counter, a whiskey bar and six private dining rooms with operable walls to allow for space reconfiguration depending on patrons’ needs.

The governing element of the design is an organic, cavernous form of interlocking timber cubes that cascades down the walls – a reinterpretation of the 1m x 1m facade panelling on the building’s exterior. This structure sprawls organically above the whiskey bar and evolves to become a U-shaped space frame that forms a regular canopy above the dining counter, providing the two anchor points of the restaurant with an intimate setting while imbuing each one with a unique character.