The Screened House
The Screened House
Landed Residence / 260 sqm / 2013
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The Screened House was conceptualised based on the intention to transform a typical semi-detached house into a loft-style house.

Originally a structure which traditionally only allows access to the backyard from the living room, a direct and unobstructed physical and visual horizontal connection is carved out from the volume, stitching together the front of the house to the backyard spatially on two floors. Operable metal bi-folding screens provide a façade that can be activated when desired, its permeable surface providing shadow theatrics into the internal spaces of the house. On the vertical plane, a second connection is carved out through the excavation of existing floor slabs and the upper floor ceiling, which expands the stairwell area and exposes the structural beams and rafters, making evident the building’s integrity in its aesthetic outcome.