The Screened House
The Screened House
Landed Residence / 260 sqm / 2013
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The Screened House transforms a typical semi-detached house’s spatial and experiential qualities into a loft-styled house. In the extensive renovation of an existing 3 storey semi-detached house, slab areas on each floor around the stair core were demolished to visually connect the 3 floors and with an open attic. What use to be a lateral housing typology has now become volumetric, with openings on each floor that increasingly enlarge to create an internal void around the staircase.  Existing concrete structural beams and columns are retained and become a part of a new language within the void that hones a brutalist aesthetic.

The front and back facade to the house is lined in an operable metal mesh screen. These floor to ceiling tall bi-folding screens fold back to create large openings in the façade, recreating and enforcing a lateral format where the house is fully opened on each floor to the exterior.