The Morgan Penthouse, one of Brewin Design Office’s recently completed projects, has been featured in The Peak Hong Kong.

The Peak Hong Kong describes the designed features of this apartment that cement its status as a prime luxury home, offering an all-encompassing, panoramic insight into the project.

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Prestige Living has recently covered The Morgan Penthouse, one of Brewin Design Office’s latest completed residential projects.

Calm and elegance are the defining qualities of this penthouse, and Prestige Living has expounded on how our team has carefully crafted and manipulated materials and accessories to infuse serenity into every inch of the apartment.

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Brewin Design Office has, as of February 2018, completed the Plum & Toro restaurant, a new eatery located in the prime district of InterContinental Hotel Singapore at Robertson Quay.

Wallpaper* highlights the inherent challenges that our team faced in designing the space and the carefully concocted design strategies we employed to create the pulsating and cosy centrum that it is now.

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The Morgan Penthouse, a recently completed project by Brewin Design Office, has been featured in Forbes Asia.

Forbes Asia highlights the skyscraping statistics of the luxury apartment and expounds on its well crafted and tasteful design flavor that undoubtedly contributes to its coveted status.

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Brewin Design Office has completed the design and fabrication of a custom low table.

The Keraton Low Table is an expression of our firm’s love and passion for using rare stones to craft bespoke furniture pieces. Instead of using stone like a veneer, we found it to be more natural to emphasize the weight of the stone visually. The main surface is ever so subtly lifted away from the ground to reveal a shadow gap while the joints are fabricated to be as seamless as possible.