Brewin Design Office is a studio based in Hong Kong and Singapore specialising in interior and spatial design. Established in 2012, the firm is anchored by a commitment to craftmanship and harmony in every dimension of design.

The firm’s experience encompasses a multitude of scales and scopes across Asia. The studio’s diverse portfolio includes projects from residential, hospitality, commercial and cultural sectors. Brewin Design Office grounds its work in a philosophy that embraces and enhances the spirit of a space. Timeless interiors and exterior forms are created through an attentiveness to achieving a careful balance between details and the materiality of spaces and forms. Everything from the finishing of a table to the proportions of a room come together to instill the work with a sense of nostalgia and authenticity. With a deep passion for interior furnishing, an expansive exposure to international vendors, and incisive historical references, every design is curated to bring to life a unique and dynamic experience for residents, guests, and visitors.

The studio fosters a culture of extensive dialogue and closeness with its clients to bring sharpness and clarity to initial briefs. Working in close partnership with clients, Brewin Design Office hones in on a sensitivity to the desired functionality of each project. The firm engages in a collaborative process-oriented approach for each project, centered on in-depth research, rigorous testing and exploration, often times assisting to further develop and crystalize client briefs for the success of their projects.  The meticulous program-focused practice produces thoughtful, nuanced artisanal outcomes. Brewin Design Office applies artful elegance to every design decision and imbues each brief with sincerity and vision.

The firm’s projects have been widely published by internationally renowned design publications. Brewin Design Office was shortlisted in 2016 for Design Council Singapore’s President’s Design Award.



201 Henderson Road, #05-25
Singapore 159545
(65) 6221 8339

Hong Kong
27th Floor, Two Landmark East
100 How Ming Street
Kowloon, Hong Kong

Should you be interested to partner with us, extend an invitation to bid, or work with us, kindly email us at the address above.