Brewin Design Office is a design studio based in Hong Kong and Singapore dedicated to crafting bespoke architectural and interior design interventions across Asia. Founded by architect Robert Cheng in 2012, BDO is grounded in a multi-disciplinary approach to design guided by conceptual rigour, architectural-driven thinking and craftsmanship.

BDO has amassed a portfolio of over 50 international projects across the residential, hospitality, commercial and cultural sectors. The firm’s design experience encompasses a multitude of scales and scopes, ranging from private homes and family offices to hotel and corporate programmes. While the firm has grown considerably and expanded into mid-sized projects including those for real estate developers and hotel operators, BDO imbues each project with a unique artisanal flavour and identity that do not only reflect the firm’s design philosophy, but are also meticulously tailored to its user.

BDO believes that a design should be lasting, timeless and possessing an inherent integrity. At the heart of BDO’s design processes is an extensive exploration into programmatic function, fabrication methodologies and construction processes, ensuring that the aesthetics of every finished space or item are rooted in ingenuity and functionality. With the consistent straddling of big picture and minute detail, BDO strives to translate its design philosophy into all scales – from a piece of furniture, to an interior space, and even to an exterior form. Each design project is conceived and treated not only as a collective whole, but as a curation of moments, meditated details and nuanced gestures; a dynamic series of smaller scale interventions that converge to produce beautiful and harmonious spaces.

BDO’s projects have been widely published by internationally renowned design publications. The firm was shortlisted in 2016 for Design Council Singapore’s President’s Design Award and continues to craft bespoke design interventions that serve to inspire, delight and excite.



Architectural expertise within BDO covers all stages of project design and coordination, from concept to construction supervision. Each project is personally supervised by the firm’s directors to ensure highly coordinated designs that meet the exacting standards set by the firm. Through the delicate balancing of the necessity for bespoke designs and the requirements of commercial and time constraints, BDO provides an architectural consultancy service that is all-inclusive and sensitive to the client’s specific needs. Having worked extensively across the Asia-Pacific region with consultants around the world, BDO’s international experience equips the firm with a cultural understanding for working with diverse project teams and countries.

Interior Design
Interior design lies at the core of BDO’s practice. Characterised by an architectural-driven thinking, BDO goes beyond the process of evaluating a space thematicaly and formulates interior proposals that responds and adapts to the inherent properties of the space and its context. Weaved into BDO’s furniture and material selection process is an extensive research into materials and an in-depth knowledge of artistic influences from across time and space, ensuring that the aesthetic outcome is conceptually rich and well-informed. Further equipped with an immense attention to detail and sensitivity to tectonics and materiality, the firm is dedicated to crafting finished spaces that are both functional and beautiful in all levels of resolution.

BDO possesses a wealth of experience in working with custom designed pieces. The firm’s unrelenting dedication in ensuring the harmony between a space and its components results in one-of-a-kind pieces that are timeless and specially crafted to cater to its user. Coordinating a collaborative community of craftsmen and specialised manufacturers, BDO realises and curate unique designed pieces that are characterised by experimentation, craftsmanship, and bespoke detailing. BDO’s extensive network of skilled makers and well-endowed collection of resources ensure that the best techniques and materials are employed in the engineering of its furniture pieces.



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