Surf Dining Table

Designed to emulate the shape of a surf board, the solid Staturio stone dining table measures 4m long by 1.1m wide. Cut to a single slab of 40mm thick sheet, the unmistakable grey streaking run diagonally almost from end to end. A bevelled edge around the perimeter of the stable chamfers the thickness to further emphasis lightness in the table surface. The stone is supported by 6 solid tapering columns. This unique piece was manufactured directly from stone’s quarry.

Hex Dining Table

Exploring advance engineering methods using a CNC machine, the Hexagon marble table in solid marble is a perfect example of laser sharp precision in robotic fabrication techniques. Every curve, tapering angle, and finish of surface is exactly identical, while the contrast between the mirror polish of the table’s surface and sand blasted finish of the table’s edge is accentuated by the flawless curvature of the round table top.