Designed to emulate the shape of a surfboard, the solid marble dining table measures 4 meters long. Cut from 2 slabs of 40mm thick stone slabs, a visible joint is expressed as a diagonal detail across the width of the table. 6 solid columns of marble support the weight of the table. The unique piece was manufactured directly from the stone’s quarry and finished in South China.

An elaborate double curvature form made possible through the use of a stone CNC machine. Honed edges against a polished tabletop with solid marble structural support.

Straw Marquetry, an art deco furniture making technique informs the making of the table top where sheets of African Ebony veneer is layered to form a revolving pattern. The perimeter edge is clad with segments of solid Ebony timber, tapering to a 12mm dimension.

An extension of the Revolver Dining Table, the straw marquetry laying technique is used here next to the exposed end grain sections of the White Oak structural lengths.

A solid block of marble milled as a base with a cantilevered disc as the surface for an occasional side table.

Solid segments of American Walnut planks are diagonally laid out and tilted to form an undulating underside of the table. Visible from the sides are the resulting ‘teeth marks’ that the timber sections create.

The Tomlinson Ensemble is a set of 5 furniture pieces that were designed with the intention to express the intrinsic structural anatomy of the pieces. Our exploration into solid and veneer timber work led to an interlocking mechanism where the termination of the vertical elements is revealed on the horizontal surface, culminating in both an unprecedented structural hierarchy and a timeless aesthetic.