Seafront Family Office

Occupying the entire top floor of a 35-storey Grade-A building in Hong Kong’s Wan Chai district, this private family office was designed to satisfy the needs of both its first-generation leaders and their children. The range of uses – including investor visits, new venture incubations, board meetings and family conferences – is accommodated by residential-styled lounges and meeting rooms of varying sizes. Though certain spaces, such as the board room and the chairman’s office, are clearly set, the reconfigured layout is otherwise comprised of fluid work spaces that encourage different work modes and moods. The office is furnished with artwork and antiquities from the family’s personal collection, alongside bespoke pieces designed by Brewin Design Office.

The Green Apartment

The Green Apartment is a 350 sqm four-bedroom residence within a low density block. The floor plan was reconfigured to free up more walls in the bedrooms whilst offering more efficient use of space in the bathrooms. The extensive renovations – paired with rare sourced and customised furniture, and a rich green palette – were inspired by the lush exterior gardens. In the dramatic entry, a gallery of solid onyx marble pillars creates a screen between the foyer and the main common areas. The existing sunken reflective pool on the balcony was leveled and new floorboards installed. This new expansive patio, along with the living and dining spaces, created over 100 sqm of common area – the lofty, voluminous mood accented by lifting the ceiling height.

Yoga Shophouse

The Yoga Shophouse is a 175 sqm 2-storey conservation row-house located on a quiet street just off a popular F&B district. The programmatic brief was for a complete overhaul of the space, which was in its original condition, into a calm and peaceful pied-a-terre with ample space for a yoga studio, and to allow the owners to host guests of up to 12 pax on the ground floor.

Weaving the Client’s brief into the existing house configuration, the open-air atrium was enclosed to claim more interior space, and to allow natural light from the air well to illuminate the interior spaces. We covered the open-air atrium with a large sheet of glass, designing details for a skylight that enabled the hiding of window mullions and structural frames, leaving a 2.5m x 2.5m clean and pure opening with a view of the sky. Originally a 4 bedroom residence, we opened up the space to a 1 bedroom with an expansive yoga studio that occupies the mezzanine, overlooking the double-height living room and atrium.

The rest of the house was designed clean and unembellished to allow the qualities of the space and materials to speak for themselves, carefully balancing fragments of the existing condition of the house with new walls and ceilings.