Phillips Pantone Room

Brewin Design Office has partnered Phillips to design a dedicated area at the auction house’s 2019 Hong Kong Fall Sales Preview. As part of Phillips’ ongoing Pantone project, Brewin Design Office was given a designated space to curate a selection of furniture and artworks from the Day Sale, matching a specially designed space.

Pantone 405-C by Robert Cheng expresses the themes of continuity and symmetry: inspired by the unique proportions of the space. Mirrors are utilised to create the visual effect of an extended symmetrical room that aggrandises its actual length. Mirrors transform into portals, which lead into an enigmatic space beyond the reflective plane.

Complemented by a curated palette of warm greys, the design draws together the carefully selected works of art and design, visually accenting every piece. The simplicity and subtlety of the concept eschews the merely decorative and sheds light on the beauty of pure form, achieving a meditative quality which transcends visual rigidity.

Minimalism Exhibition National Gallery Singapore

The ‘Minimalism: Space. Light. Object’ exhibition is an art exhibition that brings together over 110 Minimalist art pieces across multiple time periods and countries, the first of its kind in Southeast Asia.

The exhibition space is crafted to not only frame the artwork on an individual level, but also to express a cohesive narrative that strings together the different artwork and facilitates the viewer’s learning journey. Taking precedence from the principles of Minimalist Art, gestures that are founded on on proportion and geometric logic characterise the design. A multitude of curated moments are interspersed along the galleries, echoing the messages and emotions that the artworks intend to convey.

The Empty Gallery

Seated on the edge of Aberdeen Harbour in Hong Kong, the Empty Gallery is a pioneering art space for audiovisual art, experimental film and music.

A series of halls and walkways are designed to be in pitch-black darkness to disorient the senses and present art in a radically different way, championing the experiencing of art that is completely isolated from the perception of its surrounding environment. A curated journey in void and darkness interspersed with meditated moments of pause, the gallery allows the transmission of ideas and emotion between the art and the audience to be uninhibited.