Capella Hotel Singapore

Building on the design legacy of the late Jaya Ibrahim’s original room interiors, Brewin Design Office redesigned the guest rooms and suites of the Capella Hotel, set on Sentosa Island in Singapore.  The transformation integrates the original design with the new and contemporary, bringing an understated luxury to the rooms through a heavy focus on quality and craftsmanship.

Using an assortment of textures from rich woodgrains and hammered timber, to brushed bronze and intricate carpet weavings, a quiet colour palette was chosen to complement and accentuate the breath-taking colours of nature. The refreshed design allows for the 6-meter bay of windows to be a panoramic feature, visually connecting each guest room with the lush greenery in the foreground, and seascape just beyond.

Brewin Design Office worked within the existing interior architecture of the space, introducing custom-designed furniture, lighting, and fixtures to create a contemporary refresh with a revived sense of luxury.

Conrad Hotel Pool Lounge & Spa

The expansive 920 sqm Pool Lounge lies on the fourth floor of the Conrad Centennial Hotel in Singapore and comprises a bar, an all-day dining buffet restaurant, a spa and gym and is designed with a teak and white oak palette to create a warm, inviting and luxurious environment.

To counter the architectural challenge presented as a result of low ceiling spaces and large structural V-shaped beams dissecting the space, a wave-shaped timber ceiling was designed to create a subtle interplay on light and shadows. Rather than covering up the structural beams, they are exposed and celebrated as large “out of scale” sculptural features: clad in frosted glass mirrors, they gently accentuate the natural light and visually lighten the space for a calmer ambience.

Conrad Hotel Executive Business Lounge

Located on the topmost floor of the hotel, The Conrad Centennial Executive Lounge calls for a contemporary and luxurious interior design that departs from the traditional brief of hotel interiors, while retaining the essence of the hotel’s brand identity.

The colour palette and materials are carefully curated to echo Conrad Hotel’s iconic burgundy and granite finishing in other spaces throughout the hotel. Taking a pared down approach towards the 500 sqm space, an array of artworks and accessories convey Asian inspirations on the walls of the Lounge. Emphasising classic regal themes, each space conveys the warmth of a residential interior to evoke in patrons a comfort reminiscent of being at home.