Using the concept of a “home in a garden”, Thomas Heatherwick wanted to bring the benefits of landed home living to the residential high-rise, connecting city-dwellers back to nature whilst being up in the sky. Rather than centering the functions of each apartment around a core, the single tower is ostensibly forced apart, breaking the floor plan into 3 separate areas, creating an interstitial space to allow nature to flow through. Every one of the 20 apartments, each occupying a single floor, comprises four ensuite bedrooms and five lush, leafy balconies within 3,035 sqft of livable space.

The design brief from the developer-client was to design a one-of-a-kind apartment suited to the unique, but challenging, interior architecture. It was imperative for Brewin Design Office to design an interior that complemented the building’s concept and Heatherwick Studio’s vision.

With an unconstrained living area that blurs the threshold between the interior and the exterior, as well as multiple balconies that introduce into the apartment ample sunlight and myriad views of lush foliage in the midst of prestigious Ardmore neighborhood, EDEN20 is a derivation of the building’s architectural concept of living in a garden.

Keraton Residence

The Keraton Residence is an apartment designed for a young family of three with an avid passion for collecting art: essential in the designed outcome was a space in which they could display their growing art collection, as well as ample room to expand their future generations into.

The entry corridor was designed to be a space that houses the owner’s artwork – the corridor transforms from a mere connector between rooms into a dynamic and evolving space in the home, eliminating the inefficiency and banality of the typical corridor. This became the main spine of the apartment that bridges common and private spaces, imbuing the living environment with an artistic flavor that is characteristic of the homeowners. A series of door portals and wall niches that connect rooms to the artwork corridor become the main language of the design: the contents of each room are framed by these portals, almost rendering them part of the artwork gallery.

Repulse Bay Residence

This 260 Sqm fourth floor apartment is located within a 1960s residential block along Repulse Bay Road, on the north side of Hong Kong. The location of the residence was distinctive for its elevation and proximity to the sea. Perched on a Cliffside and only half a mile from the coast, the residence opens to unobstructed views of the sea and the mountain.

The brief was unconventional and very personal to the owner, guiding the interior layout to transform an existing 4 bedroom apartment into a one and a half bedroom open plan residence. A main feature of a long circulatory conduit slices through the residence connecting a series of spaces with various sized openings. Thickened walls on both long elevations of the conduit create a distinct character for the apertures, some openings become benches, others are narrow slits as passage ways, all of which act as portals and connective thresholds to adjacent programs.

Pre-fabrication was at the core of this project where all of the joinery work was built off-site in France and Australia, and reassembled on site during construction.