Blossom Restaurant
Blossom Restaurant
Restaurant & Bar / 600 sqm / 2018
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Blossom Restaurant is a contemporary Chinese restaurant situated in the lobby of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore.

The design straddles the restaurant’s oriental character and a contemporary design language. A line of seven modular pods of varying heights provide a visual and tactile encounter for patrons and passers-by. Bound aesthetically by a consistent language of white oak fins, they are integrated into an existing undulating platform, creating an architectural topography further accentuated by the pods’ slanting profiles.

Light fixtures mimicking Shanghai street lamps pepper the restaurant, adjusting patrons’ sense of scale within the huge atrium. Custom-designed solid timber chairs with curved backs influenced by Ming-style furniture and dining tables with clover-shaped bases that extend to the tables’ surfaces as a homage to the restaurant’s branding reflect the timelessness, sophistication and attention to detail that are woven throughout the restaurant.