Capella Hotel Singapore
Capella Hotel Singapore
Guest Rooms & Suites / 72 Keys / 2018
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Building on the design legacy of the late Jaya Ibrahim’s original room interiors, Brewin Design Office redesigned the guest rooms and suites of the Capella Hotel, set on Sentosa Island in Singapore.  The transformation integrates the original design with the new and contemporary, bringing an understated luxury to the rooms through a heavy focus on quality and craftsmanship.

Using an assortment of textures from rich woodgrains and hammered timber, to brushed bronze and intricate carpet weavings, a quiet colour palette was chosen to complement and accentuate the breath-taking colours of nature. The refreshed design allows for the 6-meter bay of windows to be a panoramic feature, visually connecting each guest room with the lush greenery in the foreground, and seascape just beyond.

Brewin Design Office worked within the existing interior architecture of the space, introducing custom-designed furniture, lighting, and fixtures to create a contemporary refresh with a revived sense of luxury.