The Hotelier’s Penthouse
The Hotelier's Penthouse
4-Bedroom Apartment / 300 sqm / 2014

The Hotelier’s Penthouse was specifically crafted to complement and accentuate the homeowner’s art collection. The works of Donald Judd, a pioneering American artist known for his utilitarian ideas on art and the environment, serve as an inspiration for the design of the interiors: strong and clear structures are inserted to build a visual language that embodies architectural simplicity while reflecting the compositional elements of the surrounding artworks.

The heart of the home is an open and organic living room with a loose furniture layout that offers a variety of seating arrangements, to allow the artwork to be viewed in abundant natural light. The built-in feature wall is conceived with Judd’s principle of progression – stone travertine slabs laid on metal sheets are supported by wood vertical structures, sculpting lattice ‘cubes’ into a storage system.