Luxury Hotel, Japan (2025)

90-Keys / 3 Restaurants / Spa & Ofuro / 2025

Brewin Design Office is designing the interiors of a hotel in one of the most historically significant cities in Japan. The luxurious four-storey hotel is slated to open in 2025 and will comprise 90 guest rooms and suites, 3 restaurants and the hotel’s signature Spa.

Through the use of traditional details and locally crafted art, the interior architecture of the hotel reflects the storied history and culture of the city, responding to time, scale, tradition and the changing seasons, and creates a wholly immersive experience for its guests. Through a procession of sculpted views and the contrast of more intimate spaces to surprising larger vistas, the guests are brought through layers of space, all of which echo the importance of composition, balance, and harmony that can be seen heavily in the city’s arts and architecture.