Now Is Not The Time

Exhibition / 300 SQM / 2023

‘Now Is Not the Time’ is an immersive art exhibition that merges virtual production, Artificial Intelligence, generative art, architecture, sculpture, film and music, in collaboration with the talented artist Daniel Arsham, virtual production and animation studio X3D, and various other contributors, that pays homage to Singapore’s founding father Lee Kuan Yew on the occasion of his 100th birthday.

Brewin Design Office contributed to this historically significant exhibition by designing “Building Blocks”, a warren of fabric-walled rooms of varying heights and square footage that evokes the emotional life of a city, its challenges and its triumphs.

Building Blocks is very much a physical environment paving a journey for the visitor, providing an experience that relies on spatial, volumetric, and perspectival design. An abstract metaphor of the urban development that Singapore has gone through over the past 5 decades, we created a series of translucent rooms through the use of gradated tonal fabrics and artificial lighting that allows the audience to journey through variations of scales and transparencies. The installation transcends the boundaries of both temporality and spatiality, serving as a physical rendition of a journey through time and history.