The Blue Apartment

3 Bedroom Apartment / 350 sqm / 2015 ​

This 300 Sqm 4 bedroom apartment is 1 of 17 different layout typologies in a 49 unit condominium designed by Jean Nouvel in Singapore. The layout of all of the units follow a strict order of a 4 meter grid, with 2 units making up one floor’s 16 x 16 meter footprint.

The floors and bay windows of the entire living, dining and entry foyer of the apartment has been clad in an un-polished silver quartz marble. Though sealed, the finished quality of the stone has a lightly roughened texture and a blue grey tonality. The walls and ceiling are clad with an off white stucco plaster that reflects with a natural light with a silvery hue. This calming cool blue tone to the public areas is contrasted against a set of warmer tones made up of white oak and walnut timbers in the bedrooms.