Yoga Shophouse

Conservation Shophouse / 175 sqm / 2020

The Yoga Shophouse is a 175 sqm 2-storey conservation row-house. The brief was for a complete overhaul of the space into a calm and peaceful pied-a-terre with ample space for a yoga studio. An open-air atrium was enclosed to claim more interior space, and to allow natural light from the air well to illuminate the interior spaces. We covered the double height volume with a 2.5m by 2.5m frameless sheet of glass, framing a clean and pure opening with a view of the sky. Originally a 4 bedroom residence, we transformed the shophouse into a 1 bedroom with an expansive yoga studio that occupies the mezzanine overlooking the double-height living room. The rest of the house was designed clean and unembellished carefully balancing fragments of the existing condition of the house with new walls and ceilings.