‘Forward thinking’ by Perspective

Jan 24

Design magazine Perspective has gathered the opinions of architects and interior designers behind several notable works in the past year and strung together a melange of anticipations in terms of colour, technology and design approach in the industry for 2019. Design principal of BDO, Robert Cheng, shares his personal take on what lies ahead for a design firm like BDO.

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Indesign Live: ‘Blossom Restaurant by Brewin Design Office Blooms In The Void’

Jan 24

Indesign Live provides an immersive and richly nuanced account of the recently re-opened Blossom Restaurant that is situated in the central atrium of the Marina Bay Sands.

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A foray into furniture tectonics: The Tomlinson Ensemble

Jan 18

BDO has designed a set of 5 custom furniture for a project at Tomlinson Heights that exemplify a unique, overarching structural detail. In these pieces, the vertical elements protrude through the horizontal ones and are deliberately expressed on the surfaces — the line between structural integrity and aesthetics are decidedly blurred.

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An exciting work in progress at the Shanghai Financial Street

Jan 18

BDO has recently completed the design development stage of an ongoing project at the Shanghai Financial district, where the scope of work encompasses the interior design of the ground floor lobbies and typical floor common areas of an office complex. 8-metre tall, curving travertine walls bound the core of the lobby areas, creating an iconic feature for the otherwise clinical towers.

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Unveiling the new Blossom Restaurant, in the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore

Oct 25

The largest new structure along the half-kilometre long hotel lobby that straddle 3 towers of rooms, is a series of 7 enormous timber pods, containing both semi-open and fully closed private dining rooms for tables of 8 and 10.

View project here: Blossom Restaurant


The PEAK: ‘Meet Robert Cheng, the designer behind some of Singapore’s most luxurious homes’

Jul 2

The understated sophistry in the architect’s work sees Brewin Design Office land clients like Capella Hotel Singapore – The Peak Singapore

The Peak presents an extensive interview of Brewin Design Office’s design director Robert Cheng for the cover story of its annual Home Edition

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The new Executive Business Lounge at the Conrad Hotel, Singapore

Jul 1

An order of deep timber portals create archways into different rooms with various functions. Brewin Design Office designs an array of custom furniture pieces and intricate joinery details for the new business lounge at The Conrad Hotel, resulting in an environment that feels like a personalised private residence.

View project here: Conrad Hotel Executive Business Lounge


Angullia Park Residences

Jun 28

This is the view you need to have if you live along Orchard Road in Singapore. A recently completed apartment at Angullia Park Residences by Brewin Design Office:

View project here: Angullia Residence


‘Mountain Magic’ by Hong Kong Tatler Homes

Jun 28

This piece by Hong Kong Tatler Homes describes in striking detail the interior qualities of the newly furbished Morgan Penthouse; in particular, how an assemblage of lone elements begets a dynamic interplay of light, color and shadow.

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‘Luxury Homes: Inside the Multimillion-dollar Morgan Penthouse in Hong Kong’ by The Peak Hong Kong

May 9

The Morgan Penthouse, one of Brewin Design Office’s recently completed projects, has been featured in The Peak Hong Kong.

The Peak Hong Kong describes the designed features of this apartment that cement its status as a prime luxury home, offering an all-encompassing, panoramic insight into the project.

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