Blossom Restaurant wins the 2019 Prix Versailles Special Prize

Jun 25

Brewin Design Office is delighted to share that the newly minted Blossom Restaurant has been awarded the Special Prize for South Asia & Pacific Restaurant Interior Category, in the 2019 Prix Versailles World Architecture & Design Awards. Prix Versailles is an annual award dedicated to recognizing stores, hotels and restaurants around the world that are particularly remarkable in both their exterior architecture and interior design. Discerned at the headquarters of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in Paris by an independent judges panel, it is the world architecture award that combines the fields of creation, art and economics.

View 2019 award recipients here 


‘Ten Questions with…Robert Cheng’ by Interior Design Magazine

Jun 11

BDO’s design principal Robert Cheng has recently been featured in one of USA’s most renowned design publications, the Interior Design Magazine. Apart from detailing his multifaceted experience in the design industry, writer Sholeen Damarwala also invites Cheng to share his insights and inspirations in both his career and personal life, ones that inevitably influence his exceptional view and approach towards design.

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‘Brewin Design Office’s Relearning Experience’ by Indesign Live

May 3

Indesign Live provides an insightful account of BDO’s journey over the past three years, the sensitivities that the firm has continuously retained through this evolution, and an intimate view into Design Principal Robert Cheng’s future plans for the firm.

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‘Brewin Design Office Contemporise The Conrad Centennial’ by Habitus Living

May 3

Design and lifestyle magazine Habitus Living describes how BDO straddles tradition and modernity in the design of the Conrad Centennial Lounge Executive Lounge and Pool Lounge & Spa. Tasked with the embedded responsibility of relating to the post-modern 90s style of the building, as well as the necessary duty of suffusing the space with a relevant contemporary living environment, BDO’s design process is one that is rife with critical gestures, ones that Habitus Living has adroitly captured.

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‘Blank Page’ by Design Anthology

Apr 3

Design Anthology magazine details the processes and embedded challenges that BDO’s Robert Cheng faced in bringing the Keraton Apartment from concept to completion. The article also paints a picture of the various exceptional elements that imbue this home with its unique flavour.

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‘Minimalism: Space. Light. Object.’, an exhibition at the National Gallery Singapore designed by BDO

Mar 11

National Gallery Singapore has debuted a special exhibition, designed by Brewin Design Office, on one of the most important movements in art history. The exhibition, which opened in November 2018, looks at the emergence, development and legacies of Minimalism from the 1950s to present day and features major works by over 60 artists.

SCMP’s Post Magazine highlights Brewin Design Office’s experience designing the exhibition.

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BDO to design new Gallery Library & Archives at the National Gallery Singapore’s Rotunda

Jan 24

Brewin Design Office is excited to have won the competition to design this permanent new programme at the National Gallery Singapore. Occupying the historically significant space and architecturally revered structure of what is currently the Rotunda Gallery, the new Gallery Library & Archives is envisioned to be an esteemed center of art scholarship and research for both art curators and lovers alike.

The team is eager to embark on this design and build project that is so deeply entrenched in historical conservation, implementing into it our signature artisanal approach and architectural-driven thinking.



‘Forward thinking’ by Perspective

Jan 24

Design magazine Perspective has gathered the opinions of architects and interior designers behind several notable works in the past year and strung together a melange of anticipations in terms of colour, technology and design approach in the industry for 2019. Design principal of BDO, Robert Cheng, shares his personal take on what lies ahead for a design firm like BDO.

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Indesign Live: ‘Blossom Restaurant by Brewin Design Office Blooms In The Void’

Jan 24

Indesign Live provides an immersive and richly nuanced account of the recently re-opened Blossom Restaurant that is situated in the central atrium of the Marina Bay Sands.

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A foray into furniture tectonics: The Tomlinson Ensemble

Jan 18

BDO has designed a set of 5 custom furniture for a project at Tomlinson Heights that exemplify a unique, overarching structural detail. In these pieces, the vertical elements protrude through the horizontal ones and are deliberately expressed on the surfaces — the line between structural integrity and aesthetics are decidedly blurred.

View project here: The Tomlinson Ensemble